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by the commission point. the flight crew at their inadequacy and adequate decisions at their low qualification while flying this plane but some of the things they talked about were directly pointed at to russia that the air traffic controllers were reportedly misleading the pilots and that the airfield in smolensk was reportedly not suitable for such landings some experts already say that this report represents something of an attempt to please everybody both in poland and in moscow so different definitely this case has been very heavily politicized from the very first moment and will probably have some continuation of the story and in the latest news we've heard is that the country's defense minister has stepped down from his position after this report was made published by the commission that is correspondent a lecturer jeff's case of doubt spain cost on the links being made to russian air controllers in the polish report aviation experts all exhibit an oft told r.t.
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the final decision is always with the flight crew. the main thing is that poland admitted that the crew wasn't prepared enough for the flight claims concerning the airport or controllers they have nothing to do with the crash i've been a pilot for over thirty years and i know a simple rule if you don't see the runway or its likes of the decision height you have no other choice than to raise the landing gear and go to your reserve airport . where some of the spinner keeping a close tragedy investigations for years is aviation expert chris you could have him on the program tonight chris you've seen this latest report how do you assess poland's conclusion of the crash that. i think you'll recall just suggested the. merits of the two best question report policing both sides in this equation you know we've we've seen and heard all of the rhetoric over the past twelve months or so now from all sides on the other but quite clearly the published.
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term and that the pilots themselves have some degree of blame in what happened tragically to publisher who long. time. yeah i mean there are those who report concluded that russian controllers didn't give the pilots enough information but hang on they'd also says the pilots barely spoke russian and yet we're still conducting negotiations in russian i guess that's crucial isn't it how risky is crossed language communication in the cockpit well the universal language for traffic control english that has been the case very many years now. one wonders why the communication in this instance might well have been in russian. pows whose question as to whether to be any language barrier between the air traffic control was from those who were
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. effectively driving the plane there is also another point to make with this it's my understanding that a number of test flights were made into smooth and skateboards prior to the publisher forswore making the. ill fated flight to that airport a number of days later so they would have known the operating condition of the water itself. you know to have a relatively inexperienced crew operating a flight of such high importance. not necessarily having the capability to handle dangerous weather conditions which quite clearly they were opens a whole bunch of questions but the commission said the airport wasn't prepared to accept the flight how could that have come out of the report if it had been checked previously well if we tracked back over the the cockpit voice recorder
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transcript of that was released sometime ago now there is a line in the transcript say the the crew on board this flight were informed. that there were no conditions for landing smolensk the number of alternate fuels was suggested so the question in my mind is why they continued to go directly to smolensk when they had that information out in the cockpit on that chris rush has maintained all along that universal rule that is down to the pilots at the end of the day whether or not they land their plane on the best information they have all don't have and have to go around again yet the head of the commission today admitted that the decision where to land is not taken by the crew but by quote the main passenger i mean we're not talking about normal flights. talking
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about presidential flight is that normal procedure. it's not normal procedure as far as i know. the end of the day it's the guy who's driving the plane. the information on whether it's safe to land or otherwise it's. been given all of that of religion constantly by the various traffic controller thought he was . moving from point a to point b. so it should always be the commander of the aircraft who determines whether there are safe conditions to land or otherwise based on the first two from asian birds being given to him. it came as a surprise to me when i saw the comments of the so afternoon that it's not up to the pilot. to whomever happens to be in the back of the both. chart
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of the aircraft to make the decision that is the entirely the wrong way around so a very good over the program aviation expert chris yes thanks for your insight much appreciated and we of course across developments in the story will bring you more coverage an expert opinion on the results of the investigation as the hours the days go on we've also got details if you want to remind yourself of those terrible events over a year ago including a firsthand accounts of witnesses of that crash on our web site at r.t. dot com. one of the big credit rating agencies is warning that it's reviewing spain's status among the main reasons is the pressure it's under over the bailouts for greece artie's when it has more now from madrid. has just announced that it wanted to downgrade spain's ratings feigns bonds have already fallen by several percent and the euro has fallen as well now this of course is happening to the fourth largest economy in the eurozone and you would think it should be better off
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but spain has been plagued by some very serious economic problems there's of course the the very large outstanding debts as well as the girl again showing unemployment we're already used to hearing about this so-called big c. country's. economic woes and that of course is girl arland greece spain and now it's also looking at some major issues as far as their economy is concerned by now also the the heavy drivers of the european economy for france and germany are also finding themselves in sort of hot water because just recently in the i.m.f. has said that france has somewhat been too optimistic about the evaluation of its prognosis and actually may not be as well off as the french authorities have hoped . have hoped the country to be the problem is these are things that have just happened suddenly i mean the french budget deficit has been in a deficit the french budget since nine hundred seventy four this is typical of
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contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we you know when you get some degree of goes through the boulder ultimately you have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is. greece from the euro zone so that leaves germany and germany is already bearing the brunt of basically pulling the entire european economic structure out of the sinking hole that is that it's finding itself in recently this is coming right when the voices of discontent among the eurozone critics among the euro skeptics are growing louder and louder in fact there is saying that the euro. zone critics are saying that while initially the eurozone was created. the hope of pulling up the weaker economy is quite the opposite is happening that we care economies are going down and they're dragging down the stronger economies with them so this latest step workouts for moody's is actually very bad news for the eurozone and for the euro as well. and it seems the euro crisis is drowning out some of the
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smaller players as we reported bit later on anger disappointment in slovakia as one of the poorest e.u. countries pressured to chip in to bail out its troubled neighbors were that a bit like. not great at the u.s. money wise either though of course the clock ticks towards choose day but squabbling lawmakers still can't agree on how to stop america's massive debt from falling off a cliff and into default dr william anderson is associate professor of economics of frostburg state university says it's time for american politicians to make up their minds these folks in washington are delusional you know look we give the example of. you know if you're at the end of world war two everybody in his bunker thought they could still win the war when the russians were outside you know in already in the streets of berlin i mean we have to understand this is a situation is not sustainable and the night that they can talk about short term solutions but they have allowed this thing to go on to
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a point where they either are going to have to admit defeat or defeat is going to be there for them. that a greek debt crisis in america is making china see red america's biggest lender thinks the u.s. has been dangerously irresponsible investment analyst peter schiff says we could see china dump the dollar as its main reserve currency. we can't afford bad relations with china beijing holds the cards you know we're dancing to the tune that they play the real problem for china is that there's no way that america can pay back the money that the chinese have already loaned us politically it's just not going to happen is specially when interest rates rise i'm surprised it's taken the chinese so long to figure out that they've been throwing a lot of good money after bad i don't think we're going to default i think we're going to inflate which is just as bad but you know we're going to raise the debt ceiling the problem is the debt not the ceiling the sooner the chinese start to
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stop enabling this phony economy that we have the sooner we as americans can begin to repair the damage and what's going to happen is when the dollar collapses americans are going to see a big reduction in our standards of living. let us know which way you think events unfolded. this is what you've been telling us by this big moving story just over half of you sure the only thing american can do is raise that debt ceiling as you can see on the. third if you believe the budget will send everyone else's economy into a spin as a result of it just over a tenth of you more of you this hour than last in five think americans default is now inevitable a gloomy outlook but you may have a point that tell us what you think couple of days before this debt deadline looms the votes open right now if you like it on home. the crowds about in caro's tahrir square five months off the ousting of president mubarak thousands of people there in what is one of the largest demonstrations since the february uprising cairo
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based journalist and blogger austin mackell says the arab spring has produced a strong and divisive isn't this movement. the protest planned for today was originally billed as the day of unity and it was a sign that liberal and islam as forces were going to come together to continue their push for sort of basic democratic rights down in the square i was just on it before i came here this is a huge number zero. muslim brotherhood members it's these deadly to most just like me to which is where has been. the time that i've been here and they there's many chance of. islamic identity and this is the islamic nature of egypt which is cause some friction with the. secular forces who are down normally it is it you know forces dominate entirely they're the ones who run the been running a sit in there for a month since the clashes that happened at the end of june but today they have
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mounted by the islamists. in a similar show of unrest in neighboring israel public squares and i was see of demonstrators camping out calling for social justice and for prime minister netanyahu to go and make a protest planned for saturday palestinian israeli journalist as he says the similarities with egypt a clear. two thirds of the poor in israel are working poor people who are working every day people who have a great jobs and still are not able to go above the poverty level so that's a reason that people are coming out of the street if you look at how the protesters started it's almost identical to how it started in egypt and internees and other places started through facebook somebody who made a post on facebook through social media that's how people organize or was organized completely in the beginning by the young people in israel students people who feel that they have no future people who feel who can't afford living here and it and it was realizing that this is not the way to go forward and he's trying to figure out ways to deal with it because the government could definitely fall its role and
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these are ground and i think he is in danger especially that the process and the growing while israel has been under a building in tel aviv and haifa and all these major cities in israel is all have been overbuilding in the west bank focus of the israeli government at the moment is more sustaining the occupation more sustaining the settlements rather than caring for the majority of the population who actually opposed to the lands and opposed occupation and israel proper so that the problem here though is a still many israelis have not been able to make that connection and the more and the sooner israelis make that connection realize that the accusations affect their daily life affects the pennies that the government spending the money the government spending in the west bank verses and i think you will see a real revolution in israel. full coverage of all the top stories available. there tonight as well a huge loss for coal mining ukraine's killed seventeen with nine miners still
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thought to be trapped underground it's an unfolding disaster we've got the latest as we're getting new details. tonight this story get a lot of clicks to. it's like when you come home and discover somebody else's body guard sitting in your bedroom he's been sent to provide your security but who's going to like that. rushes nato envoy tells r.t. his concerns over the american missile defense program in europe we've got his exclusive interview for you in full. more world news tonight the pakistani taliban claim they're holding two swiss tourists who were kidnapped earlier this month the militants say they will release them if the u.s. prison imprisoned female pakistani scientists the taliban provided no proof but say the hostages are in good health the swiss couple was seized while on holiday in
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a southern province on the first of july. the first funerals for victims of norway's former attacks have been held in oslo a week after the tragedy after a memorial service in the capital crowds gathered leaving a massive floral tribute to the seventy seven who died meantime the man has confessed to both the massacre and bombing is being questioned for a second time by police. and protesters in kosovo's north of blocking a convoy of nato vehicles from reaching their base hundreds of barricaded the road in response to the alliance taking control of two border crossing possible. thursday nato moved in after course of and security forces sent special police to the checkpoints in the serb dominated area the serbs they don't recognize the cost of government all the regions independence declaration three years ago. but another one of our top stories europe's economic bailout burden is affecting not only the
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richest but also the poorest members of the eurozone so baccy is a comedy's never been too strong but now it risks being crushed under the weight of the current crisis sara firth reports next on whether it's euro membership is failing to live up to its promises. they say that charity starts at home also a vacuum may be one of the poorest e.u. countries but with pressure from the e.u. to participate in the second bailout their money could soon be going to greece it on i'll tell you what joining the euro zone brought responsibilities but not benefits in fact slovakian pensions a significantly lower than days increase people here at this hey michel to tell us they barely cover their food costs with the money they receive we have to now. deal with homelessness we have to reform our pension system our health care system this never enough money. that back in two thousand and nine when slovakia
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joining the year is a it was such high hopes it was also kind of prestige to be the first one among her hungary and changed her public policy or as people read about for the one from central europe to be you know in this for a club that the year isn't it seems isn't all it was cracked up to be as we join the euro zone there was lisbon treaty that was saying that that's of one country liability just this one country in may two thousand turned the rules changed dramatically there is left as of the year a gang may well now be breathing a sigh of relief in fact neighboring nonny here is saying countries have felt the benefits slave actual peers have been heading to their check out in a bid to escape the year and we come just across the border from the backyard to the czech republic where these super store outlets doing a boom in business more and more people make the regular journey to do their
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shopping because the prices here is simply much cheaper with people now shopping outside the country it's a vacuum retail revenues have fallen dramatically and the high prices mean the tourism industries have been hit hard certainly not the results hopeful when they feel. has joined up but every club has its leaders and what they say apparently case even if they're the ones who got you into trouble in the first place you see be created this is the reason that all of the countries in your own are. home or journos there are the greek bonds are as good as german bonds saw. made it possible for greek to borrow so much money the back in may be contributing this time it's left many of days at first so eager to join the euro gang feeling they're now simply being pushed around their fat feet sit back in. looking ahead just about tony's time tonight we see how religion is being used to drive the market
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economy in the lace edition across two we've got lined up for you there's business next with corinne. our welcome to business here on our team thanks for joining me in four days the u.s. government will run out of money democrats and republicans are still arguing over how to cut the deficit and stalling on raising the debt ceiling the market still believe washington will act in time to avert disaster but the maps are beginning to set in. well i think we're now getting to the stage where people are really going to be concerned that a deal may not be done with a lot of economists constructed from analysts start to be quite vocal in their criticism of washington saying come on guys it's time to sort it out i think a lot of nervousness waiting for the last minute deal i think markets will give the poor be into monday or tuesday but i just think it could turn very quickly i think you could get a run in confidence very quickly. and let's take
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a look at the markets now precious metals are trading high as it best to look for safe haven due to the uncertainty over the u.s. debt resolution after a public and council to vote on the deficit reduction plan turning to allow a new report from europe's biggest oil company will that shell time of low cost oil and gas is at an end it is finding resources will be more complex and require more money and investment but today at least the market is down as problems in the us chip away at investor confidence flights where it is losing one dollar seventy cents trading below ninety six dollars a barrel while brand is that one hundred sixteen dollars a barrel. and it's not looking good in europe with both footsie and the dax finishing in the red stocks are up to moody's rating agency has put spain home of you for a possible downgrade disappointing u.s. growth data is weighing on the markets banking stocks lead the fall with share as dexie down three percent and lloyd's is three percent in the red as well. as
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russian equity markets and the weaken the red following global trends the r.t.s. and my xix lost over and under a percent respectively now let's take a look at some individual moves on the my six majors were among the main losers and we conclude that we asked last over four percent banking stocks were also under pressure between has dropped over two percent bucking the trend was powered generator raul again almost four percent of his salary michael stein from a p.c. financial corporation wraps up today's trade. bisects is down about a percent today along with most european markets on the back of the news that moody's may downgrade spain's credit rating and that overshadowed the better than expected to reach real sales data coming out of germany and some other positive economic data that came out of the euro zone investors of course are mean edgy about the u.s. debt ceiling impasse in the market of volumes overall are quite low and with most
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stocks down today. russia's biggest lenders bear bank is one step closer to acquiring foldback international the supervisory board of the european company has approved the sale the bank's wished agreement earlier this month but no details were provided analysts estimate the takeover at around seven hundred million dollars would spare bank planning to finalize it by the end of the year the acquisition is aimed at helping the russian company expand its activity in the east european market. or a major ross we have has boosted its second quarter net profit by ten percent year on year to two point eight billion dollars profits were held by high global cool prices are also limited by increasing taxes results with below analyst expectations . but some car giant afterthoughts has turned a profit for its french shareholder raynal for the first time called make a managed to squeeze thirty seven million euros out of its affiliate in the first half of the
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year that compares with a fifty six million euro loss the same time a year ago the whole group reported that fifty six percent of all. it's all the years we have for you but remember you can always buys more stories just log on to our website r t v dot com slash business that's for.
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the libs just simply. just spam. commit. to a. cause to close a team was in the cool gum region the firm influx from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence six this time archie goes to the amore
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regex for the cold war still gets people high jokes or an ancient tribe fights to save its culture the cranes are protected in the first of the official nature reserve. to the alamo rejects bush a close up on the party. welcome to the. big splash in the world of high tech business. science into products. we follow russian innovators to broaden their big breakthrough. spotlight on story on technology update here. we've. covered.
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in india on. the move. people. who took the brunt imperial truly. closely. run the. photo treat. crush that killed the nation's president with a report released on friday still tries to shift some place from a. credit rating faced a possible downgrade greek debt burden continues to. instability germany refuses to. drive us continue to.
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protest against living conditions ready for comparison. programs continue to look at whether its divine inspiration is being used to drive the free market economy that's the latest. crosstalk just a minute away. wealthy british. guys. margetts weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on r.t.
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. and you can. follow in welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle does the lord need marketing some are selling christian rock jesus jeans and even jesus pills is this the right way to promote christianity in the twenty first century or is it a new profitable me for those who have nothing to do with faith. in you can. you discuss christian marketing i'm joined by you and danding in london he is director of marketing and communications at the un denning marketing consultancy and in columbus we go to philip ross he's a pastor and author and another member of our cross talk team yell on the hunger are a gentleman crosstalk.


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